Ship Reports

Map showing cruise tracks

Figure 1: The map shows locations of bridge based observations of sea ice that have been recorded in the last week during cruises in the Arctic. Ice concentration is plotted in colour, using the same colour table as SSM/I data shown below. Please note observations are typically provided in 10% intervals. When no ice is observed, the track is plotted as black. If no observation is available, the track is plotted as grey. Symbols represent predominant ice type: New ice (square), First year ice (triangle), Multi-year ice (diamond).

If you click on the map you will be directed to an archive of the year to date observations.

Observations are provided by Don Perovich (on the Healy from June 15 to july 22), Max Miller (on the Polarstern from June 9 to July 25), and Hongjie Xue (on the Xuelong from July 22). Watch this space for more ships leaving port at later dates.

Map of NASA Team SSMI ice concentration

Figure 2: SSM/I NASA Team ice concentration. Near real time product provided by NSIDC. Ship ice concentration observations are over plotted with same colour scale.