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P-OMIP (Pilot Ocean Model Intercomparison Project)



This effort is in coordination with the pilot phase of the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project launched by the Working Group on Ocean Model Development as outlined in the OMIP protocol.



The GFDL/IARC contribution to P-OMIP

The GFDL/IARC contribution to the Pilot OMIP consists of the MOM4.0 z-coordinate ocean model (Griffies et al. 2003) coupled to the GFDL Sea Ice Simulator (SIS) (Winton 2000). This coupled model is presently being developed at GFDL for use in studying the ocean climate system, and for coupling to land, atmosphere, and ocean biogeochemical models for use in studying the earth system. Note that this contribution follows the P-OMIP protocol, with the exception of using the bulk formulae from the GFDL coupler. See links below for more details.


Model Data (gzipped netCDF format)

Model Details



Last updated: 15 July 2003

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