Multidecadal variability:



Linkages/mechanisms of MDV in the Arctic and North Atlantic climate system

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Striking linkage: Long-term variations of the key components of the Arctic/North Atlantic climate system.


Schematic depicting the two states of multidecadal variability in the North Atlantic is based upon previous numerous studies and shows that during MDV phases.


The observations demonstrate a strikingly coherent pattern of large-scale low frequency variations of key Arctic and North Atlantic climate variables (e.g. slp, SST, SAT, & ice cover) as well as a strong coupling between the variations in the Arctic and the North Atlantic. What are the mechanisms which drive this variability and provide linkages of the Arctic/North Atlantic system components? Despite numerous problems, associated, for example, with a lack of observational data, there is strong and steady progress towards the synthesis of a coherent picture of MDV. Our schematics summarizes the present-day knowledge about the different components of the climate system and how they operate together. The evidence supports the notion the ocean and notion that the ocean and air-ocean interactions play a key role in shaping the Arctic/North Atlantic MDV. Advances in climate modeling and further analysis of observational data promise to aid with our progress in understanding of how MDV in the climate system operates.