Sensitivity analysis of the low-resolution CCSM3 to uncertainties in albedo parameterization.
The normally distributed additive noise with non-zero mean was introduced into the sea ice albedo fields. Figure 1 represents the response of the CCSM3 to the perturbances in the sea ice albedo during 50-year runs under the present-day conditions. Figure 2 demonstrates the response of several CCSM3 climate parameters to the albedo noise.

Figure 1. Hemispherically averaged annual mean differences in CCSM3 surface air temperature (top left), sea ice area (top right), sea ice thickness (bottom left), and sea ice area during summer ice minimum (bottom right), compared to the control run values. Each individual plot depicts the differences for a particular run, with statistical parameters of the sea ice albedo noise indicated in the title bar.
Figure 2. Geographical distribution of differences in annual surface air temperature, sea ice concentration and thickness between CCSM3 perturbed and control runs. Albedo noise statistical parameters are listed above the maps.
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Manual for installation of the CCSM3 to the IARC supercomputer

Animations of the simulated monthly mean sea ice concentration and thickness (3 Mbytes)