Comparison of observed and modeled broadband albedos.
Comparative analysis of the summertime clear-sky broadband sea ice albedo from the AVHRR observations and from the high-resolution CCSM3 experiments of the 20th century simulation show that modeled broadband sea ice albedo were generally overestimated, however, latitudinal, seasonal and interannual changes correspond to the observations (Figures 1 and 2).

Annual means Seasonal means
Zonal means
Figure 1. Interannual, seasonal and latitudinal changes of summertime clear-sky observed (AVHRR, solid circles) and modeled (high-resolution CCSM3, 20th century climate simulations, open circles) broadband sea ice albedo.
Figure 2. Geographical distribution of summer (May-August) broadband sea ice albedo (%) during 1990-1999 in observations (AVHRR, left) and modeling (high-resolution CCSM3, 20th century climate simulations, right).