Project organization and group integration

SEDNA organisation

We have not included names of institutes and people on our organisational chart as this project blends methods and information about the state of ice to give a holistic view of sea ice dynamics and it role in mass balance. It is the aim of this project to integrate collaborative and institutional efforts to focus on key questions that can not be answered without this sharing and direct cross over between disciplines.

Field Teams

Surface Team: Jackie Richter-Menge, Cathy Geiger, Andrew Roberts, Jennifer Hutchings, Robert Harris, Bruce Elder, Robert Chadwell, Mitch Osborne

AWI EM-bird: Christian Haas, Stefan Hendriks & Torge Martin

Multi-beam sonar AUV: Peter Wadhams, Inga Jonsdottior & GAVIA

UAV team: Jim Maslanik

Diving Support: APL

Field Support on Land: Chandra Kambhamettu, Mani Thomas, Scott

Core Analysis Teams

Remote Sensing Team: VIMS lab & Cathy Geiger, University of Delaware

Stress-strain field analysis: Jackie Richter-Menge, Jennifer Hutchings & Cathy Geiger

Model Validation: Roberts & Hutchings, University of Fairbanks Alaska