AGU Fall Meeting 2008

Open "Science Social" 4:30-8pm in ARCUS room

Watch for more details

SEDNA Cyber Workshop

October 27-30

On-line and teleconference workshop

Here is the Agenda

AGU Fall Meeting 2007

Team Dinner was held at the meeting

Field Campaign

April 1st - April 15th 2007

For information on planned activities see here and the A pplied Physics Laboratory Ice Station site.

APLIS 2007 Logistics and Coordinations Meeting

Dec. 10th in San Fransisco, the Sunday before the Fall AGU conference.

Webform to express interest in this meeting is here.

Information discussed during this meeting is documented here .

Team Field Planning Meeting

First field planning meeting Oct.30 - Nov. 1st 2006 @ CRREL.

Phone conference, Oct 31st.