The overarching goal of the proposed study as an element of the Arctic Observing Network is to compile a cohesive picture of the climatic changes in the Eurasian and Makarov basins (EMB) of the Arctic Ocean, with particular focus on understanding three major observational targets:

  • Target #1: Along-slope Atlantic Water (AW) transport by the boundary currents.
  • Target #2: Interaction of AW branches with shelf waters, deep basin interior and upper ocean.
  • Target #3: EMB indications of changes in the upper ocean circulation.

As parts of this study we will provide:

  • Year-round platforms for multidisciplinary mooring measurements.
  • Every-other-year (i.e. 2013, 2015 and 2017) survey information and measurement opportunities, for example for ship-based measurements, and for launching autonomous Lagrangian drifters (including meteorological and oceanographic buoys for various programs).
  • Coordinating permissions to make a variety of measurements within the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), based on nine years of successful collaboration with Russian authorities.
  • An international shipboard summer school based on our prior experience with offering such summer schools in 2005 and 2006.