Welcome to the home page of the "Pan-Arctic Studies of the Coupled Tropospheric, Stratospheric and Mesospheric Circulation".

This page gives our latest map of the status of the Arctic stratospheric vortex and anticyclones as well as a briefing and forecast on the upcoming behavior of the Arctic middle atmosphere.

This site presents research observations as well as data products from a variety of government agencies. Access to the tropospheric and stratospheric and tropospheric data can be found here and mesospheric data can be found here

Current Briefing:

From April 19th through the 25th the polar stratospheric vortex continued to weaken at all altitudes. Despite this weakening, the vortex remained intact throughout the stratosphere. Below 30 km, Arctic temperatures continued to be 10-20 K colder than this time last year. The lidar at Poker Flat sampled along the vortex edge during the week. Weak anticyclones persisted in mid-latitudes between 20 and 50 km.

Latest plot: 20090507_3D.png   (Click on plot for a larger view)