Data Analysis:

Numerical Modeling:



Numerical Modeling: Model Description

POLCOMS model (brief overview)

POLCOMS is Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory COmmunity Modeling System (Holt and James, 2001;

Basic features:

Specific features:


Fig. 11

Experimental Set up

  • Grid area 330x330 km, horizontal step: 1.7-2.0 km
  • 36 levels, vertical step 1.4 -100 m (the largest step in BBL – 2.5 m)
  • Barotropic time step is 4 sec, baroclinic step is 480 sec
  • Horizontal viscosity is 20 m2/s
  • Boundary conditions: (i) at the free surface: constant salt flux 1.66x10-5 (kg/m2/s), no wind stress, no heat flux; (ii) at the bottom: logarithmic law of the wall for velocity, zero scalar gradients (iv) at side walls zero velocities and zero scalr gradients; (iv) at open boundaries: flux/radiation and discharge, advection of scalars
  • E1 – model topography no stratification; E2 – “real” topography, horizontally uniform T ad S stratification (Fig. 11)