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Hydrographic Data Analysis

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Fig 6

Between October 1984 and April 1985 an increase of salinity in the upper 20m layer on shelf was almost 2 PSU. An increase of salinity during the same interval in the deep water was about twice smaller. This lead to formation of large density gradient between the shelf and the slope waters. (Fig. 6)




Fig. 7

This salinity increase through the winter of 1984-1985 reached the 100 m depth on the shelf. Sharp increase of vertical temperature gradient below 100 m at T-profile points out that this depth might be the mean depth of winter convection on the shelf in the winter of 1984-85. (Fig. 7)




Fig 8

During the October 1984 survey the sharp seasonal pycnocline was embedded between the 20 and 50 m depth. During the April 1985 survey at stations 1 and 6 the water column is well mixed down to 100 meters. At St.11 a ‘bulb’ of dense water resides near the bottom. (Fig. 8)